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Upland Sustains Mass Market Readiness With All-Inclusive Economy

Upland is a mobile-first blockchain metaverse that allows users to buy virtual properties based on real world addresses, build on those properties to increase their value, and sell them to increase their virtual real estate portfolio. Upland has the unique position to attract mass markets due to the fact that the economy is built to be open and inclusive. Different tiers of costs allow everyone to participate in true ownership. Sign up to play Upland here.

Upland Maintains and Expands Metaverse Economy

Upland has been quietly expanding, growing, maintaining, and expanding the metaverse economy. The platform is not only an acquisition game – selling plots of metaverse land to its 392,746 monthly active users, but it also sells NFTs. To date, Upland has sold NFTs worth more than $3M+. Founded in June 2019 in Silicon Valley, Upland has grown substantially each year in its evolution from a property trading game to a feature-rich metaverse destination focused on an entrepreneur and creator driven economy, with at least 242,107 active users in the last 30 days.

The platform can put its success down to the meaningful value that an Upland experience brings to a user. Upland’s mixed reality Monopoly-based gameplay is broadly appealing to the masses, and Upland is created for a broad user base, not niche gamers.

The Unity-based 3D world will slowly get more creator tools for developers and users. In an intelligent move by Upland, the company will allow real estate owners to build whatever they want “behind closed doors” of their property. Upland has 280,000 unique property owners, and over the last six months, properties in the secondary market have, on average, sold more than 234% more than mint price, bagging Upland users more than $7M to date collectively.

Rio De Janeiro Launched and Cool New Partners Join

Rio de Janeiro is officially the first international city to launch in Upland. The buzz was real. Rio launched as a city on Upland in July 2022, with 50,000 properties selling out in just a few hours. Users of Upland set a minting record at 54 per second, 3,230 per minute. In addition to adding a brand new team of developers in this metaverse-curious country, Rio de Janeiro is the beginning of international expansion in virtual properties mapped to their real-world counterparts and new partnerships in Brazil and beyond.

The expansion is expanding the metaverse and bringing more users into the Upland economy. It is also an excellent opportunity for Upland to embrace local cultural flavours never seen in the metaverse. Aside from that, Upland is excited to bring new partnerships into the metaverse – partners that add new dimensions to our economics, sprinkle in a little culture, and add extra energy to Upland. With Rio De Janeiro, Upland welcomes Mangueira Samba School! Mangueira is one of Brazil’s oldest, most revered samba schools and carries a long tradition of popularizing samba music and dance.

There are other revered partnerships that Upland is excited to work with. Other global brand partners include National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), Portugal’s leading soccer club FC Porto, Spirit Halloween, and Hyperloop.

One of the most exciting recent partnerships is with Brazil’s Flex Interactiva. With 3D interactive solutions created in Brazil, Upland expands 3D experiences into the metaverse, and embedded brands can begin their blockchain journey, giving users an exciting opportunity to explore immersive experiences on the platform.

To learn more about the metaverse, sign up with this link and join the community on Twitter or Discord. Upland also maintains a presence on Reddit, Facebook, and Telegram.

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