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Mining Stories

Latest News

Value Locked in Defi Slides 21% in 2 Weeks, $200B TVL Still 10x Larger Than This Time Last Year

The value locked in decentralized finance (defi) has dropped 21.22% since January 4, 2022. At…

Low Volumes Across Crypto Spot Markets and Derivatives Indicate Bearish Conditions

Digital currency markets have slipped significantly in value during the last two weeks and the…

Bitcoin’s Price Drop and the Network’s Higher Difficulty Squeezes BTC Mining Profits

After Bitcoin’s mining difficulty jumped to the highest value ever at 26.64 trillion, the overall…

Bitmain Reveals Hydro Bitcoin Miner With 198 Terahash, Produces Almost Double the Power of Today’s Top Machines

One of the largest bitcoin mining rig manufacturers in the world, Bitmain announced the launch…

Mining Stories